26 October 2020


Bailiff Evictions halted in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Areas – Government Confirms

The Ministry of Justice has written to bailiff organisations to request that evictions are halted in the two top risk areas until the pandemic subsides.

(How ‘subsides’ will be interpreted is unknown)

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has written to bailiffs’ trade associations requesting they do not carry out physical evictions in areas with the strictest Coronavirus controls.  

This means within these areas landlords and letting agents can no longer evict tenants, even when they are in rent arrears from before the pandemic started.

Guidance issued to the key bailiff organisations by the Ministry of Justice requests that members should instruct the enforcement agents working under their authorisation not to enter residential properties in the two top tiers for purposes of enforcement, “including taking control of goods and carrying out evictions”, it says.

It means evictions can still proceed through the courts, but bailiffs will not enforce court orders in Tier 2 and 3 areas.


Because the government is to implement a Christmas moratorium on bailiff evictions, landlords and letting agents will have to wait until at least the New Year before gaining possession.

Who wants to see anyone being evicted from their home anyhow? We must all support each other during these difficult times. Landlords will also be facing difficult times if they can’t meet the payments on any BTL (Buy To Let) mortgage arrangements. Banks and other lenders are expected to be more understanding.

Some tenants may have taken advantage of the current situation to avoid rent payments. The majority will continue to pay rent just as most people will continue to make mortgage payments.

Any tenant claiming Universal Credit can claim a rent support and can also request the payment is sent direct to their landlord.

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