17 December 2020


I wonder how many know about the plans through The Draft Bassetlaw Plan to develop the area in Retford - Ordsall South?

Please remember that Bassetlaw District Council are currently going through the public consultation process and holding various online presentations and inviting questions.

The plan for Ordsall South is to build approximately 800 dwellings on a 103 hectare land plot.

The plan includes a 23 hectare country park and at least 4 hectares of open space.
A community centre, sports facilities and a ‘local centre’ (not sure what that means).

Building developers will be strongly encouraged/guided to build homes for the older generation. i.e. housing suitable for extra care like bungalows with ramps and specially designed interiors to make life easier.

Affordable housing and houses for first time buyers will be encourage. 
At a BDC consultation today a planning officer made it very clear that large detached 4/5 bedroom houses will NOT be encouraged. Dwellings will also be for those wanting to rent both in the private and social sectors.

The planning officer at today’s meeting claimed they want to develop an environment where people should walk to the local shops instead of taking a car. They will be encouraged to use public transport.

I know the current baby boomer generation have maybe two cars per household. They are car users. I’m sure during the next 10-15 years they will use cars even more. Electric vehicles they might be by then, but still cars.


I hope that Nottinghamshire County Council are involved early when it comes to conducting a transport and traffic management analysis.

The Ollerton Road would need to be upgraded. The current condition of the B road going south to the A1 is not suitable for heavy traffic. Plus the road gets flooded often.

I would strongly recommend upgrading the Ollerton Road to Jockey Lane section and maybe providing a better connection at the A1 intersection for both north and south bound travellers.

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16 December 2020




Residents in the Retford Ordsall area are being urged to have their say and sign up for a digital consultation event on Thursday 17th December 2020 6-7pm


Use this link to add yourself to the consultation process. There is a maximum of 25 people per event.
These are all online digital events.


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14 December 2020

Property Market Forecast for 2021

Here are a few reasons why it will not be the crash some are predicting

During 2020 the North Nottinghamshire (and UK) property market has resisted and flouted every economist’s prediction. With the economy a shadow of its former self, unemployment set to hit 11.9%, the Government on track to borrow nearly half a trillion pounds to pay for Coronavirus support packages etc.

This has had very little effect on North Nottinghamshire homeowner’s enthusiasm or capability to want to move home. It highlights the influence of both the emotional impact of lockdown and the opportunity to save money on stamp duty.

During 2020 the North Nottinghamshire property market has been like a racehorse. 
The question is will the horse fall at the 2021 fence or will it coast home pass the finishing post and get ready to win another race? What are the odds?

UK house prices are 4.7% higher than they were 12 months ago according to the Land Registry, whilst in North Nottinghamshire they are even higher.

Looking at the data over the country, things overall are looking good for property prices.
Yet it must be remembered the Land Registry data is from completed house sales and is always a couple of months behind, so this data is for house sales up to September that were agreed in the spring. Also, it does not take into account the prices being paid today on North Nottinghamshire homes (as they will only show in statistics the Spring and Summer of 2021 when the sale completes).

North Nottinghamshire house prices may inevitably ease slightly in 2021

Anecdotal evidence over the last few months has suggested buyers are using their Stamp Duty savings on the price they are prepared to pay for the North Nottinghamshire home of their dreams, so when the Stamp Duty holiday finishes in Spring 2021, we will see a reduction in the price North Nottinghamshire properties sell for, as buyers will now have to hold back some of their cash to pay the Stamp Duty Tax. Maybe.

The ‘Chain’ bottleneck problem

I do have apprehensions that many North Nottinghamshire people, buying and selling their North Nottinghamshire homes and in a chain, may not be able to realise the move before the Stamp Duty rules change at the end of March 2021, as there is a massive backlog with mortgage lenders, local authorities’ and the searches, chartered surveyors surveying the property and solicitors with the legal work, all combining to slow down the house selling and buying machine.

If you are in a chain right now, you must constantly be talking to all the parties involved and ensuring everything is focused on getting the sale complete by the end of March. You have a responsibility to get information requested back in hours, not weeks... because if you don’t, you might not get your North Nottinghamshire home move through before the end of the stamp duty holiday, and without that discount, someone in your chain may pull out of the sale altogether and the chain will break.

The number of people moving home in North Nottinghamshire is anticipated to drop after the Stamp Duty holiday ends at the end of March 2021.

And that is probably going to be the biggest impact on the North Nottinghamshire property market in 2021. Yes, there will be a slight readjustment in the prices paid after March 2021 (as mentioned above), yet a reduction in the number of people selling their North Nottinghamshire home does not inevitably lead to a house price crash.

Yes, there will be a number of people who have to sell in 2021 because they have lost their jobs (i.e. ‘forced sales’). In the last two ‘Property Market Crashes’ of 1988 and 2008, there were a large number of forced sales in a short period of time (because business owners had to sell their home as their business had closed because of the Credit Crunch, as well as people who had lost their job), increasing the supply of properties coming to the market in 1988 and 2008.

But this time, we have had the cushion/parachute of Bounce Back Loans, Furlough and Mortgage Holidays over the last 9 months.

Also, another important factor about the last property market crashes were the levels of interest rates and the amount borrowed.

Interest Rates are the key to the future of the North Nottinghamshire property market

In 1988, mortgage interest rates were an eye watering 11.5% and 6% in 2008, meaning mortgages were much more expensive compared to the VERY LOW rate we have today. Also, with 77.2% of mortgagees with fixed rate mortgages, and only 1 in 21 mortgages owing more than 90% of the value of their home (and 1 in 303 mortgagees owing more than 95% of the value of their home), negative equity should not be so much an issue like it was in 1988.

This means most North Nottinghamshire homeowners are in a much better place to weather the storm of 2021, than they were in 1988 and 2008

I also believe there will be ‘interesting investment opportunities’ to be had for North Nottinghamshire buy to let and commercial properties in the latter half of 2021 with the potential changes in Capital Gains Tax regulations, although those won’t go on the open market, so do keep your ear to the ground so you get to hear of the property portfolios coming up for sale (as they tend to sell ‘off market’). Again, if that’s something that interests you - do drop me a line.

So, where is the North Nottinghamshire property market heading in 2021?

Well, the North Nottinghamshire property market has seen a house price growth since 2009 and this has been fuelled on the back of ultra-low interest rates meaning money is still cheap to borrow and so mortgage payments are low.

With the Bank of England pumping £150bn into the economy in November with Quantitative Easing (QE) to add to the £725bn they have already spent on QE since 2009 – interest rates will continue to stay low for some time. Interest rates will probably remain VERY LOW in 2021.

Supply and demand shows that whilst we will probably have a turbulent choppy ride in the 2021 horse race, long term demand for housing outstripping supply since the 1980’s, will continue to keep the horse and rider running well.

The long-term outlook for the property market in North Nottinghamshire looks good.

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07 December 2020

RETFORD Area Property Market - Review of 2020


The Covid-19 crisis hit mid-March, and the Retford area property market was put on ice for nearly three months (as was almost everyone else’s lives). Yet at the end of the spring, the property market was one of the first sectors of the economy to be re-opened. Every economist predicted house price drops in the order of 10% in the best-case scenario and 25% in the worst, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When the lockdown restrictions were lifted from the property market, those three months allowed Retford area homeowners to re-evaluate their relationships with their homes. The true worth of an extra bedroom (for an office) became priceless, as people working from home had to take calls and work from the dining room table.

Retford area properties with gardens and/or close to green spaces all of a sudden became even more desirable. More fuel was put on the fire of the Retford property market with the introduction of the Stamp Duty Holiday, meaning buyers could save thousands of pounds in tax if they moved before the end of March 2021. This stoked the local property market and now …

Property values in the Retford area (DN22) are 7% higher today

compared to a year ago.

Properties in our area had an overall average price of £219,309

over the last year.

The demand for a new home from buyers in those Retford properties on the market coming out of lockdown in early summer with those extra rooms and gardens were snapped up in a few days for ‘full’ price.

Retford buyers had to spend their Stamp Duty savings on paying top price for the home of their dreams. Yet the increased number of properties coming onto the market in the late summer quenched a lot of that demand and the prices being achieved became a little more reasonable and realistic. This increased the number of properties sold (stc), so much so that nationally, almost two thirds more homes have been sold (stc) than would be expected at this time of year!

However, as we all know, just because a property is sold (stc), it doesn’t mean the property is actually sold. The number of people, who have moved home in the last 12 months in Retford area, is as you would expect, much lower.

Over the last 10 years, on average 615 Retford area homes have changed hands per year, compared to only 331 homes in the last 12 months.

So, what is a Retford area property worth today? Drilling down to the four types of homes locally, some interesting numbers appear. Looking at the table, you can see the average price paid in the last 12 months.


Average Price Paid in the Last Year

Retford Area Detached House



Retford Area Semi-Detached House



Retford Area Town House / Terraced



Retford Area Apartments/ Flats


So, what about 2021?

Well normally when the UK GDP drops like a stone (as it did in the summer of 2020), the property market follows in unison. Yet as the economy went south, the house price growth and activity in the property market went north.

This would appear to be quite a remarkable outcome given that economic framework, but it is gradually becoming clear that, as far as the Retford area property market is concerned, people’s time in lockdown has been spent reflecting on what they really wanted from their home and has meant that the normal rules of the game simply do not apply….… for now.

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