17 December 2020


I wonder how many know about the plans through The Draft Bassetlaw Plan to develop the area in Retford - Ordsall South?

Please remember that Bassetlaw District Council are currently going through the public consultation process and holding various online presentations and inviting questions.

The plan for Ordsall South is to build approximately 800 dwellings on a 103 hectare land plot.

The plan includes a 23 hectare country park and at least 4 hectares of open space.
A community centre, sports facilities and a ‘local centre’ (not sure what that means).

Building developers will be strongly encouraged/guided to build homes for the older generation. i.e. housing suitable for extra care like bungalows with ramps and specially designed interiors to make life easier.

Affordable housing and houses for first time buyers will be encourage. 
At a BDC consultation today a planning officer made it very clear that large detached 4/5 bedroom houses will NOT be encouraged. Dwellings will also be for those wanting to rent both in the private and social sectors.

The planning officer at today’s meeting claimed they want to develop an environment where people should walk to the local shops instead of taking a car. They will be encouraged to use public transport.

I know the current baby boomer generation have maybe two cars per household. They are car users. I’m sure during the next 10-15 years they will use cars even more. Electric vehicles they might be by then, but still cars.


I hope that Nottinghamshire County Council are involved early when it comes to conducting a transport and traffic management analysis.

The Ollerton Road would need to be upgraded. The current condition of the B road going south to the A1 is not suitable for heavy traffic. Plus the road gets flooded often.

I would strongly recommend upgrading the Ollerton Road to Jockey Lane section and maybe providing a better connection at the A1 intersection for both north and south bound travellers.

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