20 October 2020

House Prices in the North Notts Area - What is Happening?


In this 2 minute read I look at the average asking prices in Retford and surrounding areas.

The average asking price for homes coming onto the market in England has hit a record high.

There are a string of property reports showing a booming property market with homes changing hands quicker than ever. Although the solicitor/conveyancing process is still far too long.

The average selling price in the UK right now is £237,963. Here are the average asking prices in our area based on the past 90 days performance. Freehold properties only.

AREA             Average Asking Price

Bawtry                   £406,956

Ollerton                 £230,685

Newark                  £229,406

Worksop                £219,423

Retford                 £211,078

Mansfield              £204,062

Gainsborough       £131,971

The average (median) time it takes to sell a house in the area is just 37 days. The performance league table is as follows:

Mansfield          29 days

Worksop            32 days

Newark             32 days

Bawtry              34 days

Gainsborough   41 days

Retford            45 days

Ollerton            48 days

These figures relate to the properties coming onto the market and sold in the past 90 days. The picture could change depending on the types of properties on offer.

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