14 September 2020

Selling a Property in the Retford Area - How long will it take?

The Current average (median) time to sell a property in the Retford area is just 45 days.

Semi-detached and detached houses are selling quickly.

Time to Sell Analysis for Retford Area (based on Postcode area DN22)

Selling times for homes in DN22 represent the actual time taken from a property coming onto market to reaching a sold status.
During the past 90 days up to 13 September 2020

Total Properties


Selling time Retford Area


45 days

Asking Prices – Retford Area

According to the major property portals 97% of asking prices are being achieved in the Retford area.

There are currently 213 properties for sale in our area. The asking prices are as follows (averages) compared to September 2019

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