16 September 2020

Only 100 Days To Go......


Sometimes we all must talk about things we feel uncomfortable discussing.

It could be issues with a neighbour or a friend driving you nuts about some problem.

Whatever it is that makes you fidget in your seat or the thought of it, rest assured at The Good Estate Agent – North Nottinghamshire, I feel your discomfort about what I am about to discuss …






Before you douse me with the last of your summer wine or lecture me about it being the middle of September, please let me explain.

Today (16th September) marks 100 days until 25th December.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year most of planet earth will want to forget so some festive cheer, no matter how far away it seems, will be a welcome relief for many of us. Even if we can’t celebrate with our nearest and dearest family due to the law of six and social distancing.

Some Good News

Psychologists tell us that studies found that people who put their festive decorations up early are often happier than those who delay. So why wait until December?

In all seriousness, many people who are looking to buy a new home use the Christmas period as a space on the calendar to get things done by. I often hear people declare they want to ‘be in by Christmas’ or ‘Let’s get it sorted before Christmas’.

The thought of sitting on your sofa in your new home, watching the Queen’s speech with a sherry in one hand and a mince pie in the other, is appealing to many property seekers.

But if you want to turn that thought into reality, you’ll need to act – NOW.

By putting your home up for sale now, you give yourself a chance of being somewhere else by Christmas.

The second half of September is rated as a ‘good’ time to sell your home by the advice site TheAdvisory.co.uk and I agree with them.

The best-case scenario is that your sale and onward purchase (if there is one) are smooth ones, enabling you to make the 25th December deadline.

But even if you don’t wake up on Christmas Day in your new place, you’ll have given yourself a great head start to be in a new home for the start of a new year.

Whenever you are thinking of moving, I’d like to help you do it successfully.

Thanks for reading and this will be the last time I mention Christmas, until ……………well maybe until November.

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