23 September 2021

The Development of the Retford Town Centre Plan


Retford Town Centre Plan

The Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group (RTCNPG) recently commenced its wider public consultation phase with a stall at Retford Market on Saturday 18th September 2021. As part of a planned programme of public appearances and communications, RTCNPG will be appearing on some of the Retford markets on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Retford Christmas Market, over the next two months. The development of the plan is being managed by the Retford Business Forum.

The Vision for Retford Town Centre is:  

By 2037 Retford will be a safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable town centre, supporting people of all ages, which is proud of its heritage buildings and attractive to businesses as a place to grow and prosper, providing a range of employment sites and premises.

Retford town centre is future facing, the home of people and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The value of natural assets will be enhanced and extended and investment will create a rich mix of shopping, leisure, sports, health, cultural and social facilities making Retford town centre appealing as a place to live, learn, develop, work and spend quality leisure time. 

The process for constructing a Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan will take place over the next 18 months completing with a referendum. Once adopted, developments within the Neighbourhood Plan Area will need to conform to the plan requirements and supporting activities will be progressed in parallel with the appropriate organisations.  

A website, social media and other communication facilities will be developed over the next three months, as funding becomes available, to enable as many people as possible, with an interest in Retford Town Centre, to be able to take part. 

My suggestion is for any local Retford Town Centre businesses to become a member of the Retford Business Forum and have your say about the way forward.
Visit the Retford Forum website here:

Retford Business Forum

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