21 March 2021

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - Is your solicitor up to date?


Is your conveyancing solicitor using electronic signatures?

Nine months ago HM Land Registry decided to accept electronic signatures to allow for transfers of ownership of property, leases and mortgages and other property dealings.

The next time you talk to your conveyancing solicitor maybe you should check and ask them if they are using modern technical systems to sign documents making it simpler and faster for you and the other party in the transaction to move home.

Systems like DocuSign are already being used widely by estate agents for short term leases and other agreements.


We are all aware of the long drawn out drama of the dreaded conveyancing process when we are involved in buying or selling a property.

No longer is there an excuse for your conveyancer or solicitor to be stuck with the old outdated paper and ink method.

OK, there might be some of you who don't trust modern technology and not in a hurry to do anything, but I suspect you are in the minority today.

If your solicitor is still using snail mail for sending paper contracts through the postal system they are contributing to the delay.

The electronic signing of documents could take another week or two off the already lengthy conveyancing process.

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