09 February 2021

Tough New Regulations for New Homes Developers


Good News for Buyers of NEW Homes.

A ‘New Homes Quality Board’ will introduce a code of practice and ombudsman later this year.

A new body that will oversee improvements to the quality of new homes, better customer service and strengthened consumer redress has officially launched nine months after being announced.

The New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) will include organisations representing consumer bodies, housebuilders, warranty providers and the finance sector.

I’m sure most estate agents will welcome the NHQB largely because, while agents have been regulated for years and faced redress when sales go wrong, new homes sales have been covered only if they sell their homes via an estate agency.

Here in Retford there are some new home buyers who are not happy with the response from new homes developers when they are challenged about quality issues with their new home.


The NHQB is to launch a New Homes Ombudsman Service that will support buyers when there are disputes, although its work will not be retrospective.

This will be policed via a new code of practice which will require developers/builders to join the scheme and then commit to much higher levels of service during the sales process, and also support buyers who have problems with their homes for up to two years after they complete.

The Government Housing Minister Eddie Hughes is reported to have said:

“It’s crucial developers show more responsibility for the quality of their work while also acknowledging when things go wrong – this helps give vital confidence to buyers, especially at a time of general uncertainty.”

A consultation on the code is under way and the ombudsman scheme is set to be up and running later in 2021

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