26 June 2020

BUILDING MORE HOUSES – Planning Reform Coming

The government knows that in order to win the next general election in 2024, there has to be a new offer to people under the age of 35. 

The shortage of affordable housing and basic access onto the property ladder is the single biggest barrier to breaking through to the next generation, and without doing something serious about it the Conservatives will be in trouble. 

Rumours are circulating that Dominic Cummings has been tasked with finding a solution to reform our restrictive planning system, which many developers describe as outdated and still making it far too difficult to build.

Owning your own home is a fundamental aspiration in a well functioning property-owning democracy. It is also good politics, without any capital few will support a party that defends capitalism. 

But even if you don’t support more private house ownership, the development of social housing is also restricted by slow out of date planning regulations and time delaying local authorities.

We NEED more housing here in North Nottinghamshire and we need it now. Sadly, far too many people involved in the planning process have adopted the mindset ‘’It takes a long time!’’.

It does NOT have to take a long time. Local authority planning procedures can be speeded up if the will was there to make it happen.

There is also an old assumption that a longer time equals a better quality of decision making. This is not true.

For too long the old saying in the property development business has been ‘’Building the houses is actually the easy bit.’’ Is still applicable today. The planning process still takes years.

We must change this.

I’m always happy to discuss the problems associated with planning permission.

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