23 July 2021

The Plan for Ordsall South - Why it must be REJECTED


One of the biggest issues we face in our country is ensuring that decent housing is available to everyone.  The Government’s proposed reforms to the planning system are designed to address that.

The problem is that while everyone agrees on the need for more housing almost no one agrees where those houses should be built, with so-called NIMBY’S (Not In My Back Yard) getting angry when a development is proposed near where they live.

The new planning bill aims to stop this NIMBY-ism by designating specific areas as ‘growth zones’, or ‘protected’ or as a ‘renewal’ area.

However, the Government does NOT tell local authorities where to build houses. Local councils like Bassetlaw District Council are responsible for making their own plans referred to as a Local Plan.

These Local Plans are drawn up by local government employees (Officers) and in many cases the task is subcontracted out to specialist planning consultants in the private sector.

The ideas for plans are presented to locally elected councillors who then vote on the adoption of these plans. Emphasis is then placed on the ‘Consultation Process’ with the public. Right now the Bassetlaw Local Plan is going through the consultation process.

Part of this local plan is the ‘Plan for Ordsall South’, where the council proposes to allow planning to build 1,250 new dwellings. Yes, 1,250 new builds. That is a lot of new houses. Far too many in one small area.

It is the equivalent of building the villages of Ranskill and Shireoaks and adding them on to the bottom end of Ordsall. (Ranskill currently has 607 houses and Shireoaks 645). Another way of looking at it is to take the villages of Rhodesia, North Leverton, and Walkeringham and placing them next to Ordsall.

That is why I think the plan for Ordsall South must be REJECTED.

We need to adopt a different way of thinking about development here in Bassetlaw. We need what we often refer to as a Paradigm Shift. A complete new way of thinking about something.

The Garden Village

There is some evidence that new thinking is taking place when looking at the proposed Bassetlaw Garden Village. See further details here: https://www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/media/6014/garden-village-eia-november-2020.pdf

This Garden Village is a good idea to build 750 new dwellings.

The plan for Ordsall South should be scrapped and a focus should be placed on the Garden Village Development. Why? Mainly because it will not upset any NIMBY’S. Have a look at the location here to the east of the A1 opposite five lane ends.

More New Villages

I believe we should shift thinking to focus on designing beautiful new villages and settlements.
Here in Bassetlaw we could build something different. We have plenty of open space to build new villages. If we open our minds more we could build:

·       A ‘Starter’ Village – Where we only build houses for first time buyers. This would fit perfectly with the Governments new scheme FIRST HOMES where buyers qualify for 30% or more discount off their first purchase.

·        A Gated Community Village – More bungalows are needed to house the aging population as we all live longer. Elderly residents are already looking to live in a more secure environment.

·        A ‘Self Build’ Village – There are so many who would like the opportunity to build their own house. All they need is a good land plot and the opportunity to do it. In many cases the land plots could be discounted similar to the First Homes scheme.

·         A ‘Parkland' Village – Many home owners looking for their final destination home are happy to downsize to a small manageable home like a mobile cabin or luxury lodge.

You get the idea. Let’s stop building more of the same boring template houses that you see in every town these days. We need to plan and give developers more opportunities to be adventurous with design and build methods.

Think Different

Let's tell developers to stop building houses with garages too small for modern cars to fit inside. Can you believe this is still going on today? Lets make sure developers build houses with delivery hatches built into the side of properties making it easier for delivery providers to deliver goods. Lets build roads that are wide enough for cars to park at the side and still have enough room for easy traffic flow.

Brown Field Site Developments

At the risk of incurring the wrath of those living near the former Cottam Power Station (closed in 2019), If Bassetlaw District Council decide to ignore public opinion, I still maintain this is the ideal alternative site to develop 1,250 or more houses instead of Ordsall South.

What do you think?

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