30 November 2020

The Bassetlaw Plan - Retford - Have Your Say

What do you think about the ‘Draft Bassetlaw Plan’?

The 221 page document is available online.
You can download it and read online or for bedtime reading here:

Bassetlaw needs to build over 10,000 new homes before 2037. The Bassetlaw District council are currently in a consultation process with the public until 20th January 2021.

I don’t have space to talk about all the proposed projects in the plan but will focus here on the Retford development projects. There are 8 projects in the plan concerning the Retford town area.

Trinity Farm

A large housing development just off North Road is proposed for 224 dwellings up to the year 2037. The proposal includes a mix of affordable and specialist housing. Full details of the planning application are already available. See the link below.


A smaller project in Hallcroft to build social housing and/or affordable rental properties.

St Michaels View

Remember the old Hospice building on Hallcroft Road? The land and buildings are owned by the County Council and will be demolished next year and the land used to develop at least 20 dwellings.

Former Elizabethan School

This site will be developed to provide housing, improved open space and health facilities. At least 46 dwellings to be developed offering a range of affordable housing.

Retford Town Centre

Various improvements will be supported through a Neighbourhood Business Forum.
The improvements will include the town centre facilities including residential improvements. Please download the plan to find out more.

Station Road

In order to improve the area around the train station the car sales building across the road will be developed to provide 5 new homes.

Fairy Grove Nursery

Situated just off London Road the site will be development to ‘Deliver at least 60 dwellings during the plan period to 2037 comprising a mix of housing sizes and tenures, including for affordable housing and housing for older people.’

Ordsall South

This is the big one. Situated on the south side of Ordsall the project intends to:
Deliver at least 800 dwellings during the plan period to 2037. Incorporate a mix of housing types, sizes and tenures to meet local needs including:  20% affordable housing; 20% specialist housing for older people as sheltered courts built to Building Regulations standard M4(2); 5% wheelchair standard housing built to Building Regulations standard M4(3); Extra care accommodation; and where appropriate serviced plots for self-build and custom homes.

Details about the Ordsall South project can be found here from an anonymous source but probably initiated by the proposed developer.

Have your say

If you want to comment, support or object to any of the proposals in the draft Bassetlaw Plan, please don’t just comment about it on social media. Because that will not be recognised. If you want to be serious you must make comments via the links provided by Bassetlaw District Council. You can take part in an online consultation process tomorrow. See below.

Tuesday 1st December 1400-1500

Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan Online Consultation - RETFORD

(Online Event)


If you miss this event and want to provide feedback to Bassetlaw District Council you may use this link:


Regarding the Trinity Farm development, the first phase of the housing project is now available to see in detail online.

If you want to look at detailed planning application documents use the ink here where full details and the opportunity to comment is available:


If you have not yet looked inside the December 2020 copy of the Retford Life magazine, have a quick read of pages 34-36 where you will find a brief explanation of the Bassetlaw Plan for Retford.

Thanks for reading.

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