19 August 2020

How to make your monthly bills cheaper

Gas, electric, internet, telephone, mobile phone and insurance are the usual direct debits going out of our bank accounts each month. Plus we all know we have a separate password for each account and the DD’s leave the account on different dates each month.

Then we also have the problem of renewals and the ever increasing tariffs for energy to negotiate every twelve months.

Step forward Utility Warehouse (UW). It currently has around 650,000 customers across the services it sells, all of which are bundled into one bill.

How convenient is that? Plus it makes budgeting much easier. I’m sure this will become the norm for so many people as they seek an easier way to manage their monthly bills.

Utility Warehouse doesn’t advertise heavily, but relies on agents and customer recommendations instead. Its 45,000 partners (or agents) are given incentives to sign up new customers.

Besides gas and electricity, Utility Warehouse sells contracts for other services including home phone, mobile, broadband, home insurance and boiler care. It charges customers for these in one monthly bill.

Customers can benefit from discounts with the more services they take from Utility Warehouse. It’s also replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs for free for customers who buy all of its services.

Utility Warehouse customers can get a cashback card, which earns cashback at a range of shops (how much depends on the retailer). Members also get cashback at some online retailers, which is paid against their monthly bill.

UW is also very highly rated by Which magazine.

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