01 July 2020

SPACE – The final frontier for homebuyers in North Nottinghamshire

SPACE here on earth is what people are looking for. Provided it looks
inviting and has comfort potential it will appeal to buyers.

In this 2-minute read, I unveil how Covid-19 has changed people’s property priorities in our area.

Space may well have been the final frontier for the crew of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, but it’s also made the news recently much closer to home.

According to a BBC report based on data from property portal Rightmove the Covid-19 induced lockdown has changed people’s priorities when it comes to buying or renting a new home.

Indoor and outdoor space has always been a big draw for home buyers. But the article suggests it’s now top of most people’s lists.

Make the garden look like a place where you can spend time together

These new desires may end up being temporary, but they do make for interesting reading.

The findings also highlight that due to the rise in home working a spare room which can be used as an office or workout area is towards the top of home seekers’ minds right now.

A good internet connection and Wi-Fi, a pet-friendly home and having parks or a natural environment nearby are also priorities.

Also high on the buyers wish list is having a garden. With many of those of the 4000 potential movers surveyed saying it was what they desired most from a home.

Small gardens are also in demand if they look stylish

So, if you’re thinking about selling up and starting to look for your next place, do yourself a big favour and get your garden looking great. Make sure it is clean and free from rubbish and provides potential buyers with a vision as to what it might look like after a makeover and a garden ‘office’/large shed is installed.

If it’s only a small garden at least make it look inviting and a place to stretch out and relax.

This is most likely down to people spending so much time at home due to lockdown.

And the fact it coincided with the sunniest UK calendar month on record as May’s sunshine broke records according to the Met Office.

It’s possible the good weather played a part in another trend the article covered – a rise in demand for properties in rural areas like North Nottinghamshire.

People will think ''Could I spend 3 months locked up here?

The most significant changes in homebuyers’ desires after the outbreak began are:

·        Access to a garden

·        A bigger home

·        Access to a garage

·        A better home workspace

·        Live closer to parks

·        A Pet-friendly home

I have many years of experience working in the property market.

I’ve seen its ups and downs and observed the changing trends and priorities of sellers and buyers over the years.

So, if it’s a new home and space you’re looking for I’ll help you boldly go where you haven’t gone before.

Thanks for reading.

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