26 June 2020

HOUSE PRICES – The Most Expensive Villages – North Nottinghamshire

                         5, Blyth Hall, Blyth, North Nottinghamshire, sold for £690,000 last year

The London based estate agents Savills recently produced some research showing the most expensive villages, as per house prices, for each county in England. This was also reported in The Daily Mail and for Nottinghamshire they claimed Normanton-on-the-wolds, (Average house price £634,896) situated in South Nottinghamshire, Caythorpe near Newark (£570,560) and Halam near Newark (£531,219) as the most expensive villages. Their figures not mine.

So, naturally I thought I would take a look at our villages here in North Nottinghamshire and see how they compare.

One area that stands out for the whole of Nottinghamshire is Rufford. OK I know it’s not a village, but it is beyond doubt the highest concentration of expensive houses in our area. They must have missed it. So what about the rest of our area?

See the list below and if your village has been omitted, I apologise in advance as I could not cover every village in a short blog.

Please note the average house prices are based on exactly that ‘an average of sold prices in the past year’. The recent 3 months lockdown will have skewed figures slightly, but the prices do give a good indication about the prices of properties in each village.

The average prices for the towns are Retford £194,688, Worksop £173,658 and Harworth £147,560

Barnby Moor and Oldcotes show up at £375,500 and £370,667 and no surprise really that many of the small beautiful villages in North Nottinghamshire come out on top.

Village or Area Av Price
Rufford 782500
Barnby Moor 375500
Oldcotes 370667
Rampton 365250
North Wheatley 359286
East Markham 353500
Gringley-on-the-Hill 347929
Everton 343038
Sturton-Le-Steeple 330714
Sutton-Cum-Lound 319450
Blyth 310500
Lound 268000
Mattersey 255286
Ranskill 242250
Bawtry 226893
Clarborough 218875
Tuxford 157747
Carlton-in-Lindrick 154396
Harworth 147560
Langold 122357

Here are some examples

                       September Cottage, Blyth Rd, Oldcotes, 4 beds, sold for £362,000 in 2019

                              The Brewhouse, Rufford, 4 beds, sold for £755,000 in Feb 2020

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